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Soaring Eagle

Xterra Soaring Eagle
Soaring Eagle Trail Run
Sunday, April 27, 2014, starts 7:30-9:00 AM
Within Sammamish city limits, Soaring Eagle Regional Park offers runners a twisty course that will keep those looking for a more technical course on their toes and offers a nice introduction to the world of bumps and roots to new trail runners.  The course, which is mostly single track, but also a small section of wide trail, brings runners through a mature forest and sanctuary wetlands. 
There are five course options for this event:
  • 5 Mile (5.1 miles), with 480 feet of elevation gain*
  • 10 Mile, with 1140 feet of elevation gain*
  • Half Marathon (13.1 miles), with 1460 feet of elevation gain*
  • 20 Mile, with 2280 feet of elevation gain*
  • 50k (31.2 mile), 3460 feet of elevation gain*
All courses start and finish adjacent to the main parking lot. The routes have rolling hills that are mostly short or moderate in grade, and none of the courses are very hilly by trail running standards.
* Distances were measured using a bicycle odometer, and climb was measured using the altimeter function of a Polar watch. Because of noise in the altimeter measurements, climb is likely a bit less than advertised.


We hope you'll join us again in 2015!

2014 prices and schedule:


5 Mile: $26 / $29 / $34 / $40

10 Mile: $31 / $34 / $39 / $45

½ Marathon: $34 / $39 / $43 / $50

20 Mile: $38 / $43 / $47 /$55

50k: $43 / $48 / $53 / $65


Super Early registration prices end Tuesday, December 24th at 11:59pm.

Early registration prices end Tuesday, March 18th at 11:59pm.

Regular pre-registration prices end Friday, April 25th at 11:59pm.

Day-of-event registration is available. We can accept payment by cash or check payable to MerGeo or Northwest Trail Runs.

The 5 mile course (5.1) is about 40% along the wide, woodchip-covered main trail, and the remainder of the course is on narrower trails. Some of the narrow trails are smooth and straight or gently meandering, while others are more sinuous and bumpy. This course would be a good introduction for a newcomer to trail running.

The 10 mile course is mostly on the narrow-tread trails, with only about 3 km along the wide main trail. This route will traverse most of the trails and take runners to all corners of the park.

The 20 mile course uses two loops of the 10 mile course.

The Half-Marathon, Marathon and 50km use multiples of the loops described above. Marathon (1x1.2 mi, 2x10 mi, and 1x5.1 mi) and 50km (1.2 mi and 3x10 mi).

Aid station

There will be an aid station just after 4 miles (6.4k) into the course. (The 5.1 mile and 10 mile routes will diverge at this point.)

The aid station will have at least water and some sort of carbohydrate-rich food, such as pieces of energy bars/gels, bagel, fig bars, cookies, fruity candy, and/or bananas. There will likely be a few choices of these foods, along with electrolyte-replacement drink.

Safety and Trail Etiquette

The trails will be open to other users during the event, including pedestrians, mountain bikers and equestrians (horseback riders). Please be courteous. Horses have the right of way, and if you encounter a horse in your path, stop running and talk to the rider; you will probably need to step to the side of the trail to let the horse past, but sometimes the rider will tell you it is okay to walk past. It is unlikely that there will be much trail traffic, but if the weather is nice, you will almost certainly encounter some bikers.

In places, the trails have sharp turns, bumps (rocks or tree roots), and holes, and it pays to pay attention to where you put your feet in such sections. However, none of the trails are treacherous or demand any special skills or experience to navigate them. Anyone who is fit enough to hike or run the distance should be able to get through the course fine with a bit of care.

Participants are responsible for their own safety while participating, and the organizers are neither qualified nor equipped to render medical care in the event of a serious injury. In case of an emergency, call 9-1-1. You are encouraged to bring a cell phone with you as a safety precaution, if you wish.

Where the trails are narrow, please let other participants pass you if they want to get by. It is a passing runner's job to tell the person in front that they wish to pass.

Three days before run
11:59 p.m.  Pre-registration closes

Day of run

20 Mile, Half-Marathon and 50km

6:45-7:15 AM   Early check in for early starters
AM   Pre-run briefing
AM   Early start
7:30 - 8:15 AM    Check in/event-day registration
AM    Pre-run briefing
AM    Start
5:30 PM    Course closes

5 mile and 10 mile
7:45 - 8:45
AM     Check in and event-day registration
AM    Pre-run briefing
AM    Start
5:30 PM    Course closes

Visit our Facebook album HERE to see course maps. You do not need a Facebook account to view the maps.
Soaring Eagle is a looping course, with each course using a combination of loops. There is a 5-mile*, 6.59-mile, and a 0.4-mile loop.
*The 5-mile is a smidge short, at 4.8 miles. The 10-mile and 50k distances will utilize a short 0.4-mile loop to get the complete distance.
5-MILE: 1x 5-mile loop
10-MILE: 1x 0.4-mile loop + 2x 5-mile loop
HALF MARATHON: 2x 6.59-mile loop
20-MILE: 3x 6.59-mile loop
50k: 4x 6.59-mile loop + 1x 0.4-mile loop


Driving directions to Soaring Eagle Regional Park, Sammamish, WA

From Seattle - follow SR-520 East to Redmond or follow I-90 East to Issaquah, then follow directions from those cities.

From Redmond - go East on SR-202 (Redmond-Fall City Road NE).
If coming from SR-520, take the SR-202 exit and turn right.
Turn right onto 244th Ave NE (about 4.8 miles from E Lake Sammamish Parkway NE)
Travel south for 2.25 miles
Turn left onto E Main Dr.
Follow E Main Dr. to its end (about 1 mile)
Park either in the lot or along E Main Dr.
(244th Ave NE is now open all the way south. The bridge is finished!)

Alternate directions from Redmond - go East on SR-202 (Redmond-Fall City Road NE).
Turn right onto Sahalee Way NE (about 3 miles from the center of town or 2 miles from E Lake Sammamish Parkway NE).
Turn left onto SE 8th St (about 2 miles after Sahalee Way NE straightens and becomes 228th Ave NE).
SE 8th St will bend left and turn into 244th Ave SE (after about 0.8 miles).
Turn right onto E Main Dr (about 0.4 miles after bend).
Follow E Main Dr to its end (about 1 mile).
Park either in the lot or along E Main Dr.

From Issaquah - go North on E Lake Sammamish Parkway SE (exit 17 from I-90).
Turn Right onto SE 43rd Way (after about 2 miles from I-90).
SE 43rd Way bends right then left and becomes 228th Ave SE.
Turn right onto SE 8th St (about 2 miles after 43rd straightens into 228th).
SE 8th St will bend left and turn into 244th Ave SE (after about 0.8 miles).
Turn right onto E Main Dr (about 0.4 miles after bend).
Follow E Main Dr to its end (almost 1 mile).
Park either in the lot or along E Main Dr.

To search for a map on the web, enter the address:
E Main Dr & 259th Ave NE, Sammamish, WA
The park entrance and parking lot is just East of there.
Google Maps does not yet have the new bridge on 244th Ave NE (as of September 2010).

Mass transit - Soaring Eagle Park has no bus service very nearby or at times that are convenient to the morning check-in time for most of the runs at the park. However, it may be possible to combine bus travel to Issaquah or Redmond with biking to the park. Metro's local Dial-a-Ride Transit (DART) route 927 (Issaquah and Sammamish Plateau) service area extends East to 244th Ave SE, about a mile from the park entrance, but the Saturday service doesn't begin until 9:00 AM, probably not early enough to arrive on time for the start. Those interested in exploring transit options can check Metro's Trip Planner.

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