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Soaring Eagle-Course-Mini Nav

Visit our Facebook album HERE to see course maps. You do not need a Facebook account to view the maps.
Soaring Eagle is a looping course, with each course using a combination of loops. There is a 5-mile*, 6.59-mile, and a 0.4-mile loop.
*The 5-mile is a smidge short, at 4.8 miles. The 10-mile and 50k distances will utilize a short 0.4-mile loop to get the complete distance.
5-MILE: 1x 5-mile loop
10-MILE: 1x 0.4-mile loop + 2x 5-mile loop
HALF MARATHON: 2x 6.59-mile loop
20-MILE: 3x 6.59-mile loop
50k: 4x 6.59-mile loop + 1x 0.4-mile loop


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