More fun stuff!

Looking for more than just trail running?  Want to involve the entire family?  How about an event that will challenge your endurance?

MerGeo, producer of Northwest Trail Runs, offers events and education related to navigation-based sports and running for the public and customized for private groups and individuals. We aim to enhance the active lifestyles of running, orienteering, and adventure sports enthusiasts in the Northwest and beyond.  We are proud to produce these series:

Street Scramble®

Thirty checkpoints on a neighborhood map. How many can you find on foot or bike in 90 minutes or 3 hours? Go solo or team up with friends or family to explore local neighborhoods in the Seattle metropolitan area.

BEAST Adventure Race Series

Barebones Evening Adventure Sprint Tournament, a series of very short adventure races held on weeknights in the greater Seattle area. The events involve mountain biking, running, and map reading, and they're barebones, meaning the emphasis is on providing a quality course. BEAST features novice-friendly courses with a pro course option for those looking for an additional challenge

MerGeo Navigation Races

Cross-country land navigation: 50+ checkpoints marked on a set of maps covering hundreds of acres of open and forested land.  This is a team adventure you won't want to miss! Plan and follow a route to as many of the checkpoints marked on the map as you can in your chosen time limit. You can go for 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, or a full 24 hours.   In 2011 we are offering two events.  The first was Rock Creek Ramble 12 Hour held at Rock Creek Management Area south of Sprague, Washington.  In the fall is the Big Tahoma 24 Hour.  This navigation race offers a course designed for foot, mountain bike or both with a duathlon division, and a variety of time options - 4, 8, 12 and 24 hours.  Choose the longer time options and make it an endurance navigation race.  

Custom Events

We can organize any of the above events for your conference, festival, or other occasion. In particular, through our "Host your own Street Scramble" package, we offer Street Scramble to municipalities as a health-promoting and visitor-attracting event. We have had successful partnerships with Bold Hat, Crossroads Bellevue, and the City of Gig Harbor.


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