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The 10k course makes a single, clockwise loop in the Western part of the area, while the Half-Marathon course ventures further into the Eastern reaches of the forest. The 20-Miler follows the Half-Marathon then the 10k route, while the Marathon is two of the Half-Marathon loop.

All courses have aid stations mid-course, and the 20-Mile and Marathon runners will also have access to aid where the course passes through the start/finish area.

Here are the number and distances of aid stations, by course:

10k (10.72k, 6.66mi): 1 aid station, at 3.1 miles
Half Marathon (21.18k, 13.16mi): 2 aid stations, at 4.6 and 9.6 miles
20 Mile (31.78k, 19.75mi): 4 aid stations, at 4.6, 9.6, 13.2, and 16.2 miles
Marathon (42.25k, 26.25mi): 5 aid stations, at 4.6, 9.6, 13.2, 17.7, and 22.7 miles

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